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designed with passion

fitted to perfection 

built with precision


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Combining our incredible design skills, our expert bike fit capabilities, our five star service workshop and our new partnership with Elves Bikes UK Ltd, we will build you a bespoke road, gravel, triathlon, track or mountain bike with passion, perfection and precision.



Elves Carbon Manufacturing Ltd have a 30 year history in the carbon bicycle frame industry. Initially Elves deigned top-end carbon frames for the major manufacturers. In 2006, Elves opened their own factory to offer manufacturing services to these brands. In 2017, Elves used their considerable  experience to launch their own brand and Elves Bikes were born, initially servicing the Asian market. In 2022 Elves Bikes UK became the major distributor of Elves Bike in the UK & Europe.

We offer a complete suit of frames, Aero, Hill Climbers, Endurance, Women's Specific, Gravel, Tri Bike, Track & MTB. All manufactured with top quality Japanese Toray Carbon fibre with the majority of models being UCI approved. 


We build our bikes with HUNT, MAVIC or Elves own OROME brand giving a a vast choice of wheels for you to design your perfect bike.

We offer a multitude of options:

- Price points
- Rim depths from 30mm to 87mm
-Wheel Weights from 1200g a pair
Rim profiles and aerodynamics



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We supply top-grade 12 speed electronic groupsets from Shimano and SRAM. 

SRAM's 12 speed AXS SRAM RED E1, FSRAM ORCE D2 and SRAM RIVAL give impressive wire-free electronic changing with beautiful designs.

Shimano's 12 speed Di2 Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 utilises bluetooth technology & light weight to give top end changing at a seriously good price point. 


Handlebars and stems are serious parts of your build and also add some of that fine definition to the lines of your bike. Handlebar width highly important in your build ensuring that you select with correct width for your torso, handle bar height, and stem length will help to position you for optimal comfort and performance. 
There is also a huge option of materials from lightweight alloys to full carbon fibre and many designs that improve aerodynamics and help to hide unsightly cables.

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Comfort on any cycle ride is of upmost importance and is one of the major cycling turn offs. To overcome this it is important that your saddle fits both you and your purpose. We can assess and advise on the correct saddle width, talk to you about saddle materials and the possibilities for reducing weight through options like titanium and carbon fibre.


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As human beings and athletes we thrive on data and information. It allows us assess our strength, fitness and performance. Be to record how many watts we are using, our cadence, our speed or to chase our personal best, data is fun and very popular. We can build any bike with a built in power meter from our partners at Stages Power Meters who make bespoke power meters that match many of the major brand group-sets. Power your ride and gather your data as part of your bespoke build bike

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