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Affordable bike fitting for all cyclists

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Feet, Pelvis, Shoulders, Hands. . . It's all about you. . .

The Warsash Bike Fit Studio offer professional bike fitting at affordable prices. Our qualified staff will apply professional techniques on an individual basis to ensure that your bike is set up to optimise power, reduce injuries and increase comfort. Our suite of fittings includes: 

  • Cleats: The causes of most knee pain. A four dimensional issue.

  • Crank length: The unknown problem.

  • Seat height: Not as simple as you may think.

  • Horizontal seat position: Are your hips misplaced?

  • Seat pitch: This can cause some embarrassing issues.

  • Seat type: From bottom ache to serious implications

  • Stem length: Is this causing you back ache.

  • Lever position: Its not just about braking

  • Bar position or height. Where to you want the power.

  • Bar width: Yes it does make a difference

Whether you want more power, to protect yourself from injuries, solve an existing injury issue or just increase comfort, a bike fit could be exactly what you need. Contrary to popular belief, Its not about lasers and technology, it's about talking to you about how your body interacts with your riding style. We combine our technology with our ability to listen to you, allowing us deliver bespoke bike fitting designed to suit you, your bike, your discipline and your riding style. All of this is backed up by professional qualified bike mechanics from Warsash Cycles who understand bikes inside out. A full service in one. 

We offer the following services (please see below for further details):

  • Cleat assessment and adjustment: £25.00

  • Saddle height, position, pitch assessment and adjustment: £45.00

  • Handlebar width, stem, lever hood assessment and adjustment: £45.00

  • Dynamic assessment, bike fitting and full report all of the above plus a professional report: £99.00

  • Combined service and bike fit from: £170.00 - SALE - 

  • New bike sizing: £30.00



All of our fitments follow our D - A - M - I - R process of define you, your riding style and requirements, analyse your current set up, measure your body, make improvements required to the shoes and/or bike and complete a final report that we keep on file and copy to you.

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Foot fit: Cleat assessment & adjustment - From £25.00

Your shoes are one of the most important area of your fitting. Get these wrong and your knees, legs and hips will be out of line and can cause calf, knee and hip injuries. We complete a five dimensional assessment of your feet and adapt your cleat positioning appropriately for height, position lateral flex, pitch and individual leg length. This is included in the Dynamic Bike Fit.


Our price is for one pair of shoes. Further shoes charges at £15.00 per pair, allowing us to correctly position the cleats on each pair of shoes. Please note; the price does not include any components or adaptors

Quick fit: Saddle position assessment & adjustment - From £45.00

Saddle height is a problem on most bike we see. too low and you lose serious power, too high and you start rotating your hips. Too far forward or back will cause both power and comfort issues. Having the saddle at the wrong pitch can cause, especially in men, some embarrassing long term issues. Our three dimensional assessment will position your saddle exactly where you need it. We use laser technology and confirmed industry metrics to assess in appropriate body movement caused by incorrect saddle positioning. This is included in the Dynamic Bike Fit.


Our price is for one bike. Extra bikes charged at £40.00 per bike. Please note; the price does not include any components or adaptors


Quick fit: Handle bar width, stem length, bar & hood position assessment and adjustment: £45.00

Poor handle bar position can cause hand, wrist, shoulder and  back issues We assess your upper body position, shoulder width, bar height, width, and lever hood or brake positions to identify your option set up for both efficiency, power and comfort. This is included in the Dynamic Bike Fit.


Our price is for one bike. Extra bikes charged at £40.00 per bike. Please note; the price does not include any components or adaptors

Dynamic Fit: From £99.00

We start with a 20 minute discussion where we identify why, what, where and how you ride, any issues or aspersions you have. We will then perform a pre-fit assessment, to determine your current riding position which involves an analysis of your natural flexibility, core strength and biomechanics. This looks at foot arches, pitch and foot rotation, leg length discrepancy, pelvic and shoulder alignment etc, followed by a few exercises (hamstring raises, standing calf raises etc) and stretches. This is conducted both on an off your bike using our Turbo Trainer.


This informs the bike fit process where we look at cleats, pedal arm length, seat height, horizontal alignment and saddle pitch. This gives us optimum heights for legs and feet. We then move on to the bars for bar height and handle and lever position. This is followed up with a one page analysis REPORT. 


Our price is for one bike. Extra bikes charged at £75.00 per bike. Please note; the price does not include any components or adaptors


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The perfect pairing. Combine one of our high quality Warsash Cycles services with our dynamic bike fit to give you a smooth and tuned machine that has been adjusted exactly to fit you. We will take you bike in, perform the chosen service and once this has been completed we move from the workshop into the studio to complete the bike fit. The are two packages available for you to choose from:

Professional Bike Fit Package:


Combine our professional service (usually £99.00) and dynamic bike fit (usually £99.00) for just £189.00 NOW £185.


Full Bike Fit Package: 


Combine our full service (usually £75.00) and dynamic bike fit (usually £99.00) for just £170.00.


Our prices are for one bike, please contact for extra bikes.


New Bike Sizing: £30.00

Many new bikes are bought directly from the internet from sites such as Wiggle. But how do you know you are getting the correct size. At the Warsash Bike Fit Studio, we will measure you and equipped you with the information required to purchase a bike that fits. We will give you your measurements and recommendations for frame sizes and simple frame geometry. You can even show us a few bikes you are interested in and we will assist you to make a great decision for your next bike.


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