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designed with passion

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Combining or incredible design skills, our expert bike fit capabilities and five star service workshop we will build you a bespoke gravel or road with passion, perfection and precision.

Image by Matt Gross


Top Italian frame manufacturer, Basso, view the frame as the mechanical extension of the cyclist’s body. Every single frame is made to amplify its capabilities and determination, achieving the highest quality and safety standards. Each model is produced in many different sizes (up to 8 on some models) which, combined with the components, also available in different sizes and specifications, allows us to calibrate the best position on the saddle for each cyclist. Each bicycle is then assembled to your specifications of those who order it. Basso have options on four road frames and two gravel frames to choose from catering for most budgets


The proof that adventure can be competitive, that performance doesn’t require a race number, that exploration is better with adrenaline and speed…all this comes in the form of Palta. Light weigh carbon fibre with through frame cables giving the Palta beautiful lines. 
Basso also offer a beautiful aluminium version called the Tera. With carbon fibre forks and chain-stay for added comfort. What ever your gravel preferences, Basso has the frame for you



Basso deliver stunning clean modern lines that just look cool in an understated "I'm cool but I don't need to shout about it way". Their frames are extremely light with their Diamante Disc frame-set coming in at just 780 grams, lighter than your full water bottle. Even their lower budget Venta Disc tops the scales at just 980 grams. This combined with their complete focus on performance gives you an incredible bike. What ever your budget Basso is a great place to start your bespoke build road bike. 


Our second top Italian brand is Cinelli. Established in 1947, the brand has been synonymous with cycle racing for over 50 years with 28 gold medals to their name at olympic and world championship levels. Their frames are just beautiful, designed with professional riding in mind, crafted from the finest materials, wind tunnel tested and sprayed in with the most exquisite detail and often, quite fun colour schemes. You wont be missed on a Cinelli. 
Cinelli offer a wide range of frames from time trail to road race to gravel and cyclocross allowing you to choose the exact frame for you.



Stand out from the crowd with Cinelli. Our Cinelli road bike frames are built with racing heritage in their DNA and this is totally demonstrated in their style with what can only be described as Italian flair. The range has carbon, aluminium and steel options, all beautifully presented for all budgets. If we can say something, it's that the Italians do design, flair and class better than most and Cinelli are up there.
We can guide you through the options to design and build you the best bike ever.  


Gravel biking makes a statement that you are not an average Joe cyclist. Gravel bikers, get down and dirty, go bike packing and generally are out there having fun on both the road and the trails. Cinelli has transferred that sense of fun to their frames with bold colours and great highlights combined with performance. The fashion in gravel bikes seems to be earthy understated colours but if you are having a bespoke build gravel bike, why be understated? Let Cinelli help you shout about how much fun you are having. Let others know why gravel is KING.

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Designed in the U.K. Tifosi deliver style, elegance and performance at a budget that will be in tune with your pocket. Delivering great gravel and road options in a variety of materials, they create a great base of a bespoke build

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