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Chains - 2000 mile rule

Chains, love then or hate them they are essential for cycling. The problem is that they wear and you wont know until it has cost you a lot of money. You see, as a chain stretches, the rest of the drive chain will also wear. If the chain stretches too much it will distorts the rear cassette and front chain rings and they will also have to be replaced. This is required, usually after 2000 miles of use. Replacing a chain costs from £5.99 to £36.99 plus labour, replacing the chain, cassette and chain rings will set you back between £50 and £500 plus labour depending on your model. At Warsash Cycles we can test your chain to find out if it is within tolerance or whether is needs replacing. We can potentially save you a fortune. Just give us a call on 07565 996846

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