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My cycle repair cost is more than the value of my bike... is it worth it?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

This is a question or statement that I have heard a few times recently. I have have some customers that have bikes that need a little extra help to keep them on the road and people want an honest answer from me for the question: Is it worth it?

So let me paint a slightly different picture for you that may help.

My wife enjoys the gym, like many millions of other people in the U.K. We all know that gym memberships are expensive, usually £30 to £50 a month. You get to use the gym equipment, pool, sauna etc and everybody loves it and so they should. But, I ask.. what do you own? Do you own the pool, the cross trainer, the weights? Nope, you own nothing but you are still happy to pay your money for your membership. But we look at the cost of repairs and servicing on our cycles against the value of the bike and that, my friends is where we get it all wrong.

Servicing or repairing your bike is the cost of keeping you in the most beautiful gym that has ever been built, our stunning British countryside. Don’t look at the cost as increasing or decreasing the value of your bike, look at it as gym membership. If you view it like this then a £75 full service from Warsah Cycles is incredible value. It’s less than two months at my wife’s gym and allows you to get out for the best exercise that you can get with fresh air and perfect social distancing. So, unless you want to sell your bike tomorrow, the invest in your membership to the BIG GREEN GYM

Wasash Cycles - Solid advice from a company that cares about you.

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