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Trails to Warsash Part 10 - The Cappuccino Routes

Route One - Warsash to Ocean Village, Southampton

So this is the new cappuccino series and involves riding to a cafe, pub, or restaurant for a cappuccino or a coke or what ever you fancy.

Download the GPX file here:

Download GPX • 882KB

I start this new series with Warsash to Ocean Village in Southampton but instead of using the Hamble “Pink” Ferry, I go via Swanwick but the return is via Hamble. (Photo 1)

So leaving the Warsash Cycles workshop in Dibles Road, Warsash, I head to shore road and the river path to Swanwick (photo 2). Take care with walkers here. At Swanwick, go over the river under the railway bridge and left into Church Lane, up and over the hill and past the Vine Inn pub, past Salterns Lane. Just after, as the road bares to its right, there is a narrow foot path that you follow (photo 3). Note, again, this is a footpath so be cautious of walkers, we advise dismounting. It is also narrow and be careful of exposed roots. You will come across a road but carry straight over into another foot path, this one slightly wider, that takes you to a track that goes down into a wood. This is a bridal way that is suitable for bicycles (photo 4). It goes down into a valley and then a steep slope out. At the top of the slope you come across a small road, go right and almost immediately left onto a further bridal way. Follow this until you hit a paved road and turn right. Follow this to its end, past Hamble United Football Club.

At the junction, turn right into Hamble Lane and you almost immediately hit a round about. Take the first exit, Hounds Road, towards Netley (photo 5). Follow this using the cycle lanes to Victoria Road and turn right. After about 400 yrds, turn left at the sign that says “private road to Netley Castle etc. There you will see a track to your right with markings for “cycle route 2” (photo 6). Follow this past Weston Sailing club until it rejoins the road and follow on straight along the shore, past the car park (photo 7), through the park, past Southampton Sailing Club the the big bright metal building (photo 8). Right after this building into Oswald Rd, left into John Thronycroft Rd, over the first roundabout, left at the second roundabout, through the one way system to Itchen Toll bridge, which is free for cyclists! Over the bridge, left at the end of the bridge (photo 9), straight across a the cross roads and into Ocean Village (photo 10) where I settled at the Banana Warf for a coke and chips.

The return journey is the the same until you reach Netley, where instead of turning towards Netley Station, carry on straight into down Victoria Road into Victoria Country park and follow the “cycle route 2” signs through the park (photos 11 and 12) This takes you to Hamble Lane where you turn right and follow this into Hamble le Rice, right into the old village and to the Pink Ferry (photo 13). £3.00 on the ferry and you are back in Warsash

Please like and share this post if you found it helpful and like our FB page. Also, I am inviting all Warsash Cyclists to submit their own routes to me so that we can publish them. Please take some photos and describe the route and even include a screen shot of your Strava route. WhatsApp the detail to me on 07565 996846 and let’s get sharing our favourites routes.

Warsash Cycles - Bringing adventure to all - available servicing, repairs at very reasonable prices. Call 07565 996846 for more details.

Kindest regards Simon

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