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Warsash to West Meon to Warsash off road ride


Download GPX • 2.07MB

Trails you can ride either from Warsash or catch a train and cycle back to Warsash.

This series has been very well received but I have has some requests for some more local rides so as a starter: Warsash - Knowle - Wickham - West Meon and back. (See photo 1) 35 mile, we did it in 2.5 hours and burned 1050 calories, according to my new watch. We have some shorter trip in the bag as well so carry on watching this space. My partner in crime on this trip is M2-Dave who along with me was riding a gravel bike.

Our ride starts in Warsash, for a change, up through Locksheath Park Road, past Argos, across the A27 through Titchfield Park Rd , across the M27 and round the back of Skylark Golf Course. You will find a short bridleway that takes you into Skylark and then another bridleway out (see photo 2) and down to Fontley Rd where you the go through Knowle on Mayles Lane to Wickham. When you get to the Wickham Rd, take the path opposite (see photo 3) and a little gravel up hill on to the Wickham to West Meon old railway line.

If you have never ridden Wickham railway line, it is a dream. Long, straight with a minimal incline on the way out and the reverse on the way back (see photo 4 &5) There are many points to get on and off including Droxford, Meonstoke & Warnford, all have great pubs. However our destination was the end of the railway that is currently open, West Meon (see photo 6) and specifically Cuppacheeno Cafe (see photos 7 & 8) which is a lovely quant cyclist cafe at the back of the West Meon shop and post office.

We stopped at Cuppacheenos for coke and cake. It’s a very friendly and well priced cafe and one that I have used for many years. Mileage so far 17 miles.

The way back is the reverse but you can get up some speed on the railway line, however, do be careful of other cyclist, horses, walkers and the Inevitable dog slalom that every cyclist should be skilled in. Make sure you use your bell to warn other users, be courteous to all and take extra care with horses. I always shout well in advance “coming through” and then a well presented “thank you” as I pass (M2-Dave thinks it sounds like “Gravel Crew!!) Let’s help to improve the image of cyclists.

Finally, from Wickham back through Knowle and the golf course (again be courteous here as even though it is a right of way, its a private club).

Total mileage was 34 miles. Suitability in my mind, as long as it is dry is any mountain bike, gravel bike or hybrid. I wouldn’t try it on your carbon Di2 race bike.

Thanks to my partner in crime M2-Dave.

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